The name ‘Eastchurch’ simply means the Church, East of the mother Church at Minster. It was a ‘daughter’ chapel of Minster Abbey. Thus the Church (All Saints) and the settlement around it became known as Eastchurch Village.
It is known that people have lived in the area for over 5,000 years.  A recent archaeological survey carried out at Kingsborough Farm prior to the construction of a new housing estate revealed a causewayed enclosure; one of only two found in Kent. These earthworks date from the Neolithic Period about 3,000 BC.  It is believed they were religious or ceremonial structures and a place for people to meet. A Bronze Age ‘barrow’ was also discovered nearby. This may account for the farm name being spelt Kingsborow on an Elizabethan map, suggesting an ancient belief that a local King was buried there.

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