There are a variety of funding streams available for community groups and projects

PfR Community Fund
The wind energy site at HMP Standford hill is now operational and, as promised, Partnerships for Renewables has set up a Community Benfit Fund for projects located within the parish of Eastchurch. PfR will commit into a Fund annually for the next 25 years for projects within Eastchurch Parish where the wind turbines are located. Each year, grants of between £250.00 and £10, 350.00 will be given to projects that
  • Innovate and are different, and get communities they are intended for excited and involved.
  • Help develop more sustainable communities and enhance quality of life.
  • Support local conservation and environmental initiatives
  • Encourage renewable energy use, helping communitites save energy or generate energy for their use.

A Community Advisory Panel (CAP) has been set up to decide which applications will receive funding. The CAP, a group of local volunteers, will meet four times a year to consider applications received.

If you wish to apply for a grant you will need to complete a single application form which can be requested from When you have completed your application please return it to the same email address. If you have any questions about the grants please contact Allan Melrose, Village Hall, Warden Road, Eastchurch. ME12 4EJ Tel: 07756 029 019


Big Local Eastern Sheppey

The Big Local Eastern Sheppey Partnership invites applications from local clubs, constituted groups, charities and social enterprises for grants to hold events, activities or purchase items of benefit to people in the Eastchurch, Leysdown & Warden Big Local area.

Applications  will  be  assessed  on  their  ability  to  contribute  to  achieving  the  overall outcomes of Big Local.

The four outcomes are:

  • Communities will be better able to identify local needs and take action in response to them.
  • People will have increased skills and confidence so that they can continue to identify and respond to local needs in the future.
  • The community will make a difference to the needs it prioritises.
  • People will feel that their area is an even better place to live.

The Community Chest Funding rounds open four times per year and applications will be considered by a panel of local people with the support of Swale Community and Voluntary Services (SCVS) and the Big Local representative.

Big Local Eastern Sheppey small grants can be used for:

  • Expanding existing activities that enhance the quality of residents’ lives in the Eastern Sheppey Big Local area.
  • New projects or activities that will increase residents’ skills and confidence or make the area better including one-off pilots to test new or innovative ideas
  • Small capital items, e.g. equipment that will be available to and of use to residents’ on a continuing basis.

For more information or to apply, please contact Sandy Hammock, Community Chest Officer on 01795 880627 or

Solar Community Benefit Fund

Fund Overview:

The Farm Energy Partnership will be contributing £15000.00 into a community fund which can be distributed on application approval at a maximum of £5000.00 per year. This fund is now in its third and final year.

Funding rounds will take place throughout each year, with decisions made within two months of the published deadline. A Solar Funding Panel of local residents will be established to decide on the applications.


Project location:

The annual £5000.00 is available for projects located within the Parish of Eastchurch.


Project Purpose:

Grants are available for any locally based community project that can show it has the support of the community. The grant can support the full cost of the project, although matched funding may be required for larger projects above the maximum grant.

Individual grants between £100.00 and £1000.00 will be made.

The Fund is particularly interested in supporting projects that:

  • Innovate and are different, and get the communities they are intended for excited and involved,
  • Help develop more sustainable communities and enhance quality of life,
  • Support local conservation and environmental initiatives.
  • Encourage renewable energy use, helping communities save energy or generate energy for their use Organisations eligible to receive a grant include:
  • Eligible Organisations:
  • The Fund may support a single exceptional community project at each funding round if it wishes, or part of the fund at each funding round could be used to support a longer-term project.
  • Voluntary and community groups based in Eastchurch.
  • Schools and educational establishments
  • Social enterprises (including credit unions, co-operatives, social firms, community owned enterprises, community interest companies and development trusts) provided they operate on a not-for- profit basis.

Successful organisations will need to be a community or voluntary organisation and will need to have a bank or building society account with a minimum of two signatories to receive a grant.


Grants will not be available for:

  • Commercial organisations.
  • Private membership based sports clubs and facilities unless membership is open to the general public without undue restriction (e.g. not membership by nomination organisations)
  • Projects that only benefit one individual.
  • Funding core costs in organisations e.g. running costs, admin costs, building rental costs etc.
  • Retrospective funding i.e. projects that have already been completed, whether or not already paid for.
  • Scheduled transport services e.g. bus and train services.
  • Works that are the responsibility of the local authority such as public highways and public car parks.